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» Our History

Yuyao hongwei stamping factory is an old manufactory which is established from 1986’.

Mr. Guo, the founder of “hongwei stamping” was a famous mold maker in Yuyao city.

In 1986’, Mr. Guo and his wife established “Hongwei Factory”, and they kept insisting on the principle “ Quality is the first”, in the past tens years, they focus on the quality and make accessories for surrounding factories.

In 2012’, the son of Mr. Guo who is named Dennis graduated as a master. Mr Guo want his Superb technology and the factory can be passed on, so Dennis resigned from his previous work. And also he can live near to parents to take care of them more conveniently.

Until 2017’, Dennis was staying in workshop to learn how to make molds, how the machines work.

Now Dennis is total charge the business of the factory, and he use his knowledge to add new management concepts to upgrade and integrate. He improve the traditional machines to Auto-machines , so that factory can meet high productivity request, at the same time, he established the “Foreign trade” department to expand the market.

Time is keep flying, but we never stop the step of moving. Now we have our own Chinese company” Suntrory” and American company” bestball”.

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