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History about our company

July 3, 2020

Hongwei stamping Factory’s predecessor is mould factory. In 1986′, Mr Guo, start to make moulds for factories, because his high technology and the good fathi, the business is lager and lager, he decided to set up own manufactory (Suntrory mould factory).

As time past, in 1992′, Guo couples decide to make products by themselves, they use their whole money to purchase the first stamping machine. They use the only one machine to start their following tens years bussiness…..

Things were difficult at the first, but the couples support each other to insist. Though, failed for two times in the meanwhile, finnally, the scaled stamping factory is be founded in 1997′.

In order to control the quality and the cost, Mr guo insist to make moulds himself, at the same time will also help other factories to teach them how to adjust the moulds, he think mutual improvement is important.

Now the factory is still delevloping, we are not big, but we are doing our best to be bigger. And we believe, as long as we instist, more and more customers will see our strength.

History about our company

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